Who can forget their Ecuador Experience? Whether you spent months, years or decades in this small beautiful Andean country, you have had the Experience.

I can but begin the list: a rich, nutritious soup with your noon meal, the cool evening breezes that blow across Quito, the smells of frying foods at busy street corners, the sunburn you brought home from Papallacta because after all, it was cloudy while you bathed at the hot pools.

I repeat; I can but begin this list. YOU may feel free to add, either in the Comment section or if you find this page a challenge (I still do too!) then drop me a line in e-mail. Who will write of the rain in Shell?

I have been interviewing Wycliffe’s Neil and Ruth, who worked in another part of Ecuador, translating the Chachi NT plus Genesis and Exodus. Neil wrote of the mid August dedication and accompanying reunion of families and friends who came back:

“Although August is one of the drier times of the year, we experienced several downpours that satisfied the cravings of all the MKs: hearing the heavy rain on a metal roof. this was dutifully recorded for later playback as white noise. ”

An internet page won´t give you the complete Ecuador Experience, but collectively and over time with YOUR contribution to the description of this fine country . . . well, maybe we can make it rain. Relieve your daily stresses with a little “white noise” from Ecuador. Thanks!



  1. hi,great blog! I’ve been living and working in Pastaza since 2008.

    I was wondering where does the picture on your banner come from?? It’s really nice.


  2. I live in NYC. How can I hear your broadcast?

  3. Chuck Howard pointed me to this site. The photos and the articles certainly bring back wonderful memories of life and service in Ecuador – 1982 to 1993. This site also keeps us up to date on more current events and topics for prayer and thanksgiving. Thank you for taking the time and hard work needed to make this available to all of us.


    Greg for Diane and the family

  4. My husband Phil and I served with Wycliffe in Ecuardor from 5/77 – 6/79 and our daughter Rebekah was born there. Ecuador has found memories for us especially of the many friends, such as Neil and Ruth, that we met there.


  5. Rowena,
    I was a summer missionary in English in 1986. I would like to correspond if you see this.

    Kevin DeReus
    Otley, Iowa, USA

  6. Thanks to Trish Allen for alerting me to this site. It will be special to be able to keep in touch and hear what the Lord is doing in Quito and Ecuador as a whole.

    Living with my retired church minister husband Iain in Guildford Surrey England. Trying to get a job – but really missing the missions world, as I gave up my job in London with Global Connections (the Evangelical Missionary Alliance) over a year ago, when we moved to Guildford. Iain still goes to various churches to take services!

    Blessings to all who remember me – 1983 – 1987 in English Language Service.


  7. Great to see this – Blessings all. Ozzie

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