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Notes from the Quake Zone (Twenty-sixth in a Series)


(12 May 2016 Manabí Province, Ecuador)

by Hermann Schirmacher

At the point we believed there is no way to continue on and go any farther, people pointed out to us that there were two ladies at a place that have not received any medical attention. We went farther and farther into the remote area we had not planned to go to. Would we be able to turn the car around with deep slopes and rocks in the way? When we came to the point where we could not go on, there was a guy with a horse and he said that his mom was up the hill. There was no way to go with the car, and we again did not get good information out of him to know how far it was to go there.13237684_621912144627403_6814127774656274483_n

First I said we would not go there, but my eyes went over to this horse. It was not good for my weight, but it probably could carry Dr. Nelson who is 70 years old. And he probably would never go again on a medical relief with me as a team leader if I would make him walk up that slope.

The guy agreed he would let him us the horse and so I just had to figure out if Steve would be fine doing this. But it did not take an eye blink and he sat in the saddle of that horse. The two psychologists and I walked alongside the horse up that hill. We sweated as a pig and the horse fortunately walked in slow motion.

A psychologist and Rosa, who lives at the end of a road in Ecuador's Manabí Province.

A psychologist and Rosa, who lives at the end of a road in Ecuador’s Manabí Province.

It took a good effort to get up there. Finally we got to Rosa, who needed help and probably will need some more help in the future. We recommended that she should move down closer to the road but she would not like to leave her house and her neighborhood. Later, also her sister-in-law showed up and received attention.

As we understood no military truck had made it that far and I was glad to make it back safe to the paved road.

Hermann Schirmacher is a missionary with Reach Beyond.

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