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Notes from the Quake Zone (Nineteenth in a Series)

canoa2(7 May 2016, Canoa, Manabí Province, Ecuador)

by Hermann Schirmacher

After leaving Quito, we had no final confirmation from the Ministry of Health; we just had constant calls for help from the little health center from Canoa.

Hermann Schirmacher

Hermann Schirmacher

But on our way down to the coast yesterday [Friday, May 6] we got the approval from the top and continued our way and met Sebastian to get organized. He was very tired and had not stopped working since he came to lead the work here. He was pleased to see our team, and called “bienvenido amigos,” (welcome friends). And gave me a good hug.


He wanted his team to take time off this weekend especially the nurses to have a free weekend during Mother’s Day. He pointed out that there are two communities—he did not even know where they were located—and asked us to serve there.canoa3

I went over to the COE [Comité de Operaciones de Emergencia] tent and got a map from the area so I could take a picture to find our way to this place. A young man showed up and explained to me how to get there.

At Canoa, things start changing on a daily base. The trash, rubble and all the scrap metal is disappearing and cleaned out. Most of the destroyed building have been removed completely and brought to the new dump area. It looks much cleaner now than a week ago. At the hotel we did see more people than days before. Some more business and shops did open. At the beach we did see more people. Most of the excavators are gone and the landslide that covered the road some miles south of Canoa was completely removed and the road is open again.

Inspectors walk through the streets, inspect the remaining buildings and put stickers at the doors to authorize the functioning or closure of the buildings. Some are fixing with cement and painting their walls to try to start selling and renting as soon as possible.

Hermann Schirmacher is a missionary with Reach Beyond.

Building inspected and declared at risk in the beach community of Canoa following an April 16 earthquake.

Building inspected and declared at risk in the beach community of Canoa following an April 16 earthquake.


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