Posted by: calloftheandes | May 13, 2016

Notes from the Quake Zone (Seventeenth in a Series)

(29 April, 2016 Canoa [also known as San Andrés de Canoa] Manabí Province, Ecuador)

by Hermann Schirmacher

It was late when I finished putting my report together and some preparation for the next day when my cell phone rang. It was the head of the COE (Comité Operativo de Emergencias) from Canoa calling.

“Hermann, we have an emergency; a young girl is not responding. Please come quickly”. I did not doubt for a second and jumped up, called Dr. Daniela Guevara. She was sleeping already but did not hesitate in getting ready. We both rushed over to the tent not far from our hotel.

Dr. Daniela Guevara

Dr. Daniela Guevara

Many people surrounded the mattress on the floor. A young girl was not responding. “We need to take her to the Health Center quickly” Dr. Guevara said. I organized a pickup and we transported her and her mom to the Health Center.

She received very good medical care from several doctors. Her mom was crying next to her. We encouraged her that things would be fine again and that she was receiving good care. They could help her and she started to wake up.

She was picked up some minutes later by an ambulance to take her to the next hospital to give her the proper medication she needed. The night was short and we did not even feel several aftershocks.

In the morning we packed up all our medicines and personal things to prepare to travel back to Quito. But before we left, I went over to see Sebastian [Dr. Sebastian Basán], the young doctor who was in charge of the Health Center, to say good-bye. He was sorry to hear that our team was leaving. I told him that we are available to come back with another team, depending on the needs. We would coordinate that with the Ministry of Health.

Hermann Schirmacher is a missionary with Reach Beyond.


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