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Notes from the Quake Zone (Sixteenth in a Series)

Hermann Schirmacher

Hermann Schirmacher

(28 April 2016, Canoa, Manabí Province, Ecuador)

by Hermann Schirmacher

There is NO tourism at all, No business. Many excavators and dump trucks going systematically through the blocks and clean all the destroyed buildings out. I was told that this place had approximately 90 hotels and facility for guests. There are probably less than 20 left. The stories of the people during the event are shocking.

There was NO way to run anywhere, you could not move a step, and you would fly like a ping pong ball all over. You could not grab to a column, pole or another object, it would throw you away.

The first two days had been very chaotic and a lot of robbery happened. The rural areas had no drinking water and the electrical system is completely collapsed. It will take weeks to get the homes connected again. The trucks go every day to the areas and provide for water.

But there seem to be glimpses of normalization. The gas station has gas again; the lights are on in many places in Canoa. The first fishermen went out to get some fish. The first shrimp seller was on the street today.

In the morning our team went to the Centro de Salud to get information from Sebastian to see what we would do today. The instruction was to go to one of the many refugee camps nearby. I went over to see our new friend, Marianita, around the corner and told her that I would probably take her to the Samaritan’s Purse Hospital in Chone.* I did not know the time, but I wanted her to be ready with her bag and if possible to take one daughter with us. She was not too excited about the idea of a surgery and was wondering if she would receive anesthesia.highway

I told her that she would receive wonderful care from friends. And they would do a good job, so she could do cooking again.

Once I had our team installed at the camp, I could go to pick her up and bring her over to Chone. That is a one-hour drive. There are many visible damages on the road and massive landslides. I was told that a bus had been covered and is still missing. Another [landslide] has buried a farm completely. She also showed to me the place where the church was, that collapsed. Today we found that the building had been removed completely.

Hermann Schirmacher is a missionary with Reach Beyond.

*The Samaritan’s Purse video takes five minutes to watch.


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