Posted by: calloftheandes | May 3, 2016

Notes from the Quake Zone (Eleventh in a Series)


On April 18 in Pedernales, rescue workers recovered the body of a dead child from the rubble.

On April 18 in Pedernales, rescue workers recovered the body of a dead child from the rubble. Photo used with permission of Diario La Hora.

(26 April 2016 Canoa, Manabí Province, Ecuador)

by Hermann Schirmacher

We said good-bye to our friends [in Esmeraldas Province] and asked the Lord for His guidance as we did not what to expect today. We had not a final place to stay for the night. We had to drive through Pedernales and Jama in order to get to Canoa. The destruction in the town of Pedernales is indescribable.

I have no words to tell what I did see there. It reminded me of what we found in Haiti 2010.

Once we got to Canoa, we looked out for the Centro de Salud, the health center. It did not take long, but by driving through the blocks, we saw massive destruction. It is a war zone.  All over the place you see people working in getting the rubble out of their broken homes. Backhoe and excavators are removing the leftover of buildings and hotels. The smell of dead bodies is trapped under the rubble and still lingers in the air. People are wearing masks to help overcome this stench.

At the health center we get two more voluntary members, Edwin and Jefferson, to head to Nuevo Briceño, a little village of 150 homes, some 10 minutes drive and to give medical attention. We set up our mobile clinic under the wonderful shade of a few trees and served out to 84 patients. As well, we visited some older folks at their homes. We prayed for some special patients.

Hermann Schirmacher is a missionary with Reach Beyond.



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