Posted by: calloftheandes | April 29, 2016

Notes from the Quake Zone (Fourth in a Series)

(20 April 2016. Refugee Center #3 at Pueblo Nuevo, Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador)

by Steve Nelson

We just had a visit from the vice-minister of Health (the job formerly held by Marisol Ruilova, who is now in charge of clinical care at Hospital Vozandes Quito.) [Dr. Ruilova is a graduate of the hospital’s medical education programs.]

His name is Sr.  Restrepo, and he is probably scouting out for the president’s visit tomorrow and hoping that we could look a little more organized than we are.steve1

Actually I think the Ministry of Health people have done a wonderful job of organizing—at least the place where we are working. So we’ll see how much more they can improve. They are hoping to open the hospital in Muisne again soon, and that perhaps will be a highlight of President Correa’s visit tomorrow.

Dr. Nelson is a family practice physician with Reach Beyond.


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