Posted by: calloftheandes | June 1, 2012

Government Agency Recognizes Mission Hospital in Ecuador for Efficiency, Safety

An Ecuadorian government agency recently recognized Hospital Vozandes-Shell for its efficient operations that safeguard the health and safety of 67 staff members at the facility in the country’s eastern rainforest.

In the first instance of this award by the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social (IESS, Ecuadorian Social Security Institute), the HCJB Global Hands’ hospital was one of two entities in Pastaza province to be recognized by the agency. The other was Arboriente, a plywood manufacturer.

“This recognition represents the commitment of our entire team as we continue to improve and meet the standards set within our environment here,” said Dr. Narcisa Brito, director of the hospital where she has been on staff for 27 years. In Ecuador the facility is known as Hospital Vozandes del Oriente (HVO).

Regarding IESS regulations about employers’ responsibility for minimizing employee risk in the workplace, Brito said, “For years the hospital has been improving its procedures that focus on staff health and safety through prevention programs and education to raise worker awareness.”

The government agency has monitored efforts to comply with its regulations, making regular inspections of the hospital in Shell. “Hospital employees have been equipped with personal protective equipment,” she explained. “We also have compliance monitoring processes that include ongoing training in the use of protective equipment, cleaning products and so on.”

Staff members have also participated in workshops, attended conferences and received IESS training. “In 2011 and 2012 we were invited to take part in the open houses organized by the deputy of the IESS Workplace Risk Department,” Brito said. At the 2011 event, the hospital’s floor display showed the formation of its compliance committee, demonstrated services available and highlighted the waste management program.

Narcisa Brito with Steve Wilson

In addition to the Ecuadorian employees, 15 missionaries serve at the hospital which also conducts medical screenings in underserved areas of the country’s Amazon region. Evangelism undergirds the medical work as chaplains and local pastors share God’s Word with people whose medical needs are addressed at the screenings.

“We give thanks to God for His faithfulness to each employee and for the ability to share salvation, love and service with those who come to us,” concluded Brito, who for many years directed the laboratory at the small hospital. After serving as HVO’s assistant director she became its first Ecuadorian director in April when missionary Steve Wilson and his wife, Diane, returned to live in the U.S.



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