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Pastors Complete Training, Ask for More in Peru

Among the 20 pastors sitting before him at an early-September leadership seminar in Arequipa, Peru, Américo Saavedra sensed two things: determination to complete the course followed by a desire for further instruction.

Saavedra saw a desire to keep learning in the pastors, primarily from southern Peru, many of them bi-vocational, and some ministering to Quechua-language congregations.

“You could sense it. People are really hungry to learn how to lead—how to lead congregations, how to lead groups, how to lead Bible studies,” he said. While no promises had been made to the Arequipa group, all 20 of the pastors received a certificate after completion of a portion of the course, Ser Líder: Capacitar a Otros para Ser Productivos (Being a Leader: Training Others to Be Productive).

Saavedra said training began last April with a weeklong intensive session going from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Participants finished five modules, and then completed another five in September to receive their certificates.

In the Arequipa training, as with leadership training throughout Latin America, Saavedra teamed up with Luis Cardoso from Brazil and David Johnson (HCJB Global’s former president) of Development Associates International (DAI). Saavedra is director of Apoyo (Spanish for “support”), a ministry of HCJB Global.

The intensive course brought together pastors, some from churches in large towns and others from remote areas, and a businessman who found the principles of leadership applicable in his work. Interaction was a valuable part of the sessions, according to Saavedra.

“Some of these people came from far away where Spanish wasn’t their first language,” he said, illustrating the effort put forth to meet together and learn. “Pastors want to hear each others’ stories—how God moves in their daily lives and how leadership can be applied in their contexts.”


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