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Quito Hospital Launches 5th Medical Clinic at Site of Health Fair Kickoff Event

Pastor German Rhon gets some help from Carmen Roman as he twists and ties a balloon. Photo by Morgan Wieland

The grand opening of Hospital Vozandes-Quito’s newest satellite clinic saw 134 people receive treatment at an inaugural health fair Aug. 6. The Centro de Medicina Familiar Vozandes El Inca (Vozandes Family Medicine Center El Inca) was inaugurated in northeastern Quito’s El Inca neighborhood. It’s a ministry of HCJB Global Hands, the mission’s healthcare ministry.

A primary care facility, the El Inca clinic offers family medicine, dentistry and psychological and nutritional counseling along with a clinical laboratory, vaccinations, sonograms and upper gastrointestinal endoscopies.

It is generally thought that primary care meets the health needs of 90 percent of its clients. At the clinic, referrals can be made to Hospital Vozandes-Quito, a tertiary care facility.

At the Aug. 6 health fair, also in El Inca, people received medical attention ranging from pediatrics to dental care to cardiovascular screening. They could also receive pastoral counseling.

Children were entertained by volunteers who helped with crafts and activities and taught them from the Bible.
The clinic’s Aug. 8 inauguration brings to five the number of the hospital’s satellite clinics (Atucucho, Carapungo, La Y, Pifo and now El Inca). All are primary care facilities where the rates charged are established after determining patient’s ability to pay healthcare costs.

Clients of the El Inca clinic are paying US$8 whereas in Atucucho, residents pay just US$2.50. A larger clinic, Carapungo, subsidizes Atucucho to help keep the fees lower.

In 2010, clinic staffs attended approximately 70,000 patients, including those who came for medical exams, dental work, lab tests or other services.

Most clinics are managed by graduates of the family practice residency program at Hospital Vozandes-Quito. Specialists such as orthopedic surgeons and ophthalmologists also see patients in the clinics.



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