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Friends Come Back, Help Out, Return Home

HCJB Global retirees Pat and Kay Talbot managed the Clark Guesthouse for several weeks during the summer.

Though it’s hard to let you go
In the Father’s hands we know
That a lifetime’s not too long
To live as friends
-Deborah D. Smith

Visitors to HCJB Global’s Latin America Region have helped us out. We’ve caught up with each other and enjoyed laughing together. Friends, we appreciate your hearts to serve God by serving Ecuadorians and others of this region. -Ralph

Alex Diaz, Carmen Reinoso and Candice Figueroa

Mike and Carol Hardin returned to Shell where they served with Hospital Vozandes. Here they are with their kids at Casa del Suizo overlooking the Napo River.

Carmen Reinoso returned to her homeland of Ecuador to visit. Meeting with Radio Station HCJB staff, she told of her early work with La Ventana de Los Andes– the HCJB television station. She also worked in radio. Carmen and her husband, Chema, live in Atlanta where Chema voices En Contacto, the Spanish-language In Touch program.

Juan Cabrera and Marlin Brubaker came to Ecuador for a migration . . . but not a human migration. Systems engineers at HCJB Global’s Ministry Service Center in Colorado, they came to migrate computers to a new Windows domain.

“The Accounting and Hospital Records department move went pretty smoothly and the users were able to start working when they came to work on Monday with minimal issues,” said Marlin.

Juan Cabrera, Marlin Brubaker and Barry Hamm at 5 p.m. - about halfway through a long workday.


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