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Songs Give Evangelist Entry to River Tribe in Brazil

Known as the Tupari, a tribal group in Brazil’s Amazon region told an indigenous evangelist, Mario, his limits in no uncertain terms.

“We don’t want you to stop at our community and talk to us about the gospel,” was the Tupari chief’s demand in his village of Colorado on the Río Blanco (White River).

During an April trip to Brazil, Martin Harrison and Earl Hartwig, both HCJB Global engineers, met with Mario as they explored possibilities of helping indigenous missionaries such as Mario.

Martin Harrison

Did the demand prompt him to stop evangelizing?

Harrison said while the tribe rejected any preaching, Mario was told, “We like those songs, and you’re free to keep going up and down the river.”

Mario represents Brazil’s indigenous tribes that have reached out to surrounding groups. The Amazon region believers see their mission field as the 121 groups that remain unevangelized. Harrison and Hartwig were invited by Larry Buckman, an HCJB Global missionary whose “missionary kid” roots are in Brazil and Colombia.

Earl Hartwig, left, with Larry Buckman

Based in Ecuador, Harrison represented Vozandes Community Development with efforts in clean water projects, hygiene and basic health workshops. Hartwig represented Corrientes, a missions mobilization initiative to equip Latin Americans for cross-cultural outreach.

As water finds new routes and rivers change course, people’s efforts to evangelize are directed by God’s Spirit in ways that allow Jesus’ love to be shared.

Seemingly, Mario had to refrain from evangelizing. But his listeners welcomed his songs.

From refrain to chorus, Brazil’s indigenous people groups share the gospel with others and point them to the Savior.

Mario (above) wants to create a training center in Pimenta Bueno, where the mission agency, UNIEDAS, owns 50 acres of land


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  3. How amazing that evangelism could go forth in song only!! That would make one REALLY consider the messages of the songs! What an opportunity!!

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