Posted by: calloftheandes | May 12, 2011

For Variety of Reasons, Friends Return to Ecuador

The joy of meeting face to face
A sermon series on God’s grace,
Or greetings from a distant place,

Everyone brought something as they returned to HCJB Global’s Latin America Region. Jim Allen preached a sermon series to staff on God’s grace. Norm Emery helped throw a birthday party for a little Ecuadorian girl, her very first!

Frank Schmidt and his son, Jonathan, helped keep us connected yet again by updating servers for the phone system. Ron Cline preached on stepping out from our comforts into missions, with examples of those who did. Here are several photos of visitors who returned to Ecuador.

Tim Broach greets friends at staff meeting.

Norm Emery and Santiago Arteaga (front right) worked on a project. And celebrated a birthday.

Enjoying father/son time during a trip to Shell. Jonathan and Frank Schmidt.

Roommates as students of the Christian Center for Communications. Cristian Constante and Duval Rueda.

Joy Solheim visits with former co-workers, Ralph & Allen, of English Language Service.

Jim & Trish Allen. Jim preached a sermon series on grace.

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