Posted by: calloftheandes | December 30, 2010

Staff Members of Ecuador Radio Stations Grateful for Sharathon Successes

Story by R. Kurtenbach
Photos by Américo Saavedra and Barry Hamm

Accompanied by the dulcet tones of a violin, Tony Tamayo praised Jehovah Jireh—the God who provides—during a closing ceremony of a recent radio sharathon in Ecuador, Friday-Sunday, Dec. 10-12.

Using a metaphor, Tamayo spoke of the simplest of needs—a child’s pair of shoes—then thanked God for making this and much more available to Radio Station HCJB through the generosity of its listeners. Those praying with him opened their eyes afterwards, some wiping tears. At 7 p.m. Sunday they looked up to see that the display board had registered total giving at US$215,185.

“It was three days of intense work in addition to many days of preparation and subsequent follow-up,” said Anabella Cabezas, director of media for the mission’s Latin America Region. “But the Lord was glorified through it all and for that we are grateful—and also challenged—to continue working in this ministry that God has used and will continue to use to reach many with His message.” The Quito station entertained 5,766 visitors throughout the weekend.

The media team, led by Tatiana de la Torre, director of local radio, conducted 37½ hours of live programming, accompanied by various musical groups that also supported the event with their presentations. The Miami-based group Blest ministered musically to listeners and attendees.

Earlier on the same day in Ecuador’s coastal city of Guayaquil, station donors to HCJB-2 La Conexión radio surpassed an established goal of US$123,000 by donating or pledging US$125,784. After the goal was reached, the audience was invited to contribute for the replacement of the station’s broadcast tower. An additional US$4,000 came in for that project.

Also, the Quichua Department (producing radio programs in the common indigenous language in Ecuador) raised US$6,238 in offerings during Misión Compartida. Some of these donations included the sale of produce and animals brought from listeners’ farms, such as sheep, goats and guinea pigs.

“It was a real blessing to listen to the testimonies and the expressions of love from the listeners during these days,” said Horst Rosiak, president of partner Vozandes Media which helped with the sharathon and was a recipient of some of the funds. Vozandes Media works in partnership with Radio Station HCJB to air programs in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Quichua and various indigenous languages.

Some 250 Ecuadorian staff and expatriate missionaries helped in preparing for and holding the event, reported Cabezas. “Our theme this year was ‘Faith in Action,’ and we are convinced that the faith we place in our all-powerful God, the owner of everything, stirred the hearts of people who desire to invest in this ministry—because of their gratefulness for what God has done in their lives through radio.”


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