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Doors for Pastoral Training, Radio, Community Development Open in Guatemala

For years Obispo carried out religious activities in rural Guatemala, yet he didn’t know God. “I performed all the duties of a devout Christian,” he recalled. “But in my heart, I knew something was missing. By God’s grace, I soon discovered that it was not something I was missing, but someone.” His life was transformed, shifting from duties to relationship with the Lord.

Now pastoring a church in the remote town of Quiacquix (pronounced kee-ah-KEESH), about 110 miles northwest of Guatemala City, Obispo’s passion is contagious as he shares his story with all those around him. His wife and children, who have followed in his footsteps, and many other residents of his community are eager to do the same.

Anyone visiting Obispo’s hometown may quickly suggest a long “to-do” list to improve the community’s well-being. “It’s a place to go if you love adventure and want to experience life as it really is without modern conveniences at your fingertips,” said HCJB Global’s Américo Saavedra.

To his credit, Obispo is hard at work, but Saavedra observed that the Guatemalan pastor has even higher aspirations. “He desires to have a maturing church—one that is fully committed to God and His Word with a vision to make a difference in the community,” said Saavedra, who has headed Apoyo, HCJB Global’s pastoral training ministry, since 1992.

“To get there,” Obispo shared with Saavedra, “requires the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us.” Upon hearing that Apoyo helps church leaders realize such dreams, Obispo shot back, “When do we start?”

“Obispo believes it will require human and material resources to get the job done,” Saavedra recounted after his recent nine-day trip to Guatemala together with Peruvian Pastor Meison Missly. “What amazed us is that Obispo is already envisioning a host of people coming from everywhere to give him a hand!”

Based in Quito, Ecuador, Saavedra investigates possibilities for Training National Trainers (TNT), Apoyo’s outreach to disciple local church leaders. After completion of the three-year program, local leaders are equipped to teach others with minimal outside intervention.

On this trip in early April he looked at other areas of pastoral training and possibilities for community development and radio planting/training.

A Christian radio station, operated by Obispos’s church, is not an official HCJB Global Voice partner. Some of its programming, however, comes from cooperating ministry World Radio Network as well as courses from the network’s Christian Academy of the Air recorded on DVDs.

Church leaders from the Quiacquix area had previously attended a TNT program sponsored by Lakes Free Church in Lindstrom, Minn. “This exploratory trip was conceived and carried out with the continued interest of Lakes Free Church in adding pastoral training to its involvement,” Saavedra said.

The Minnesota church’s involvement in Guatemala dates back 10 years when a member of the congregation, dentist Mike Hursh, was looking for a mission project to go on with his daughter. He located Teri Littrell, a missionary working in the area. Besides doing dental work, future teams from his church have visited Guatemala to help with construction, agriculture, children’s ministries, vacation Bible school, worship and radio work.

“These are indeed remarkable opportunities, involving churches and individuals who want to make a difference,” Saavedra added.



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  2. Dear Brethren,

    We wish to request partnership and networking with your organization to share the Gospel in Liberia. We are a local Christian group, Mission_Liberia, declaring and demonstrating the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in partnership with the local church within the borders of Liberia.

    Our ministry focuses on training, research, evagelism/church planing, and education(TREE). In addition to our work with Mission_liberia, we serve as coordinator of Church Ministries with the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia, an umbrelle Christian organization in Liberia, West Africa. Also we teach part-time at the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary, Paynesville, Liberia

    We look forward to hearing from you regarding this opportunity to partner with us in reaping the harvest and impacting the lives of God’s people in Liberia.

    We came across your email address while on the web.

    Because of calvary,

    Wellington Morris(Rev)

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