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HCJB Global Voice Trains Communicators in Sub-Saharan Africa

Laughter followed this exercise as the leader instructed hand to chin but demonstrated hand to cheek.

“Thank you so much for the successful training,” wrote a Ghanaian to HCJB Global Voice’s Joseph Kebbie after nearly a week of intensive learning together in Accra. “I am a better communicator today than I was yesterday,” the African continued. “May God Himself give back all that has been spent to train us.”

The April 6-11 event, the ministry’s first official media training in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region, drew 14 students from four local partners in the West African countries of Ghana and Sierra Leone.

A local partner, Theovision International, co-sponsored the event in Accra, also providing participants as did Word FM in Bolgatanga, Bishara Radio in Tamale (all in Ghana) and Believers Broadcasting Network in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Most of the participants were either on-air presenters or plan to become presenters.

Pastor Peter Awane of Word FM 88.3 in Bolgatanga, Ghana, with Allen Graham, Ecuador. Word FM 88.3 broadcasts in Fra Fra, among other languages.

Allen Graham had traveled from Quito, Ecuador, to lead sessions on radio production. Jeremy Maller of the Global Voice office in Accra, taught on studio maintenance and even showed how a full studio can be set up in a couple of hours.

“What a wonderful group of talented, enthusiastic Christian broadcasters!” Graham said. “It was a great opportunity to challenge each other in our ministries to better communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to listeners who need to know Him. It was exciting to share materials prepared by our team in Ecuador with our brothers and sisters in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region.”

“I considered this training to be a great success,” added Kebbie, training coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa. “Some participants couldn’t even write a clear script at the beginning of the event, but by the end we saw clear thoughts and good scripts that had the listener in mind.”

Kebbie said the partners displayed a “genuine passion to reach their audiences, some of whom are unreached.”

Another student said, “Almost every aspect of a radio, from setting up to missions or goal achievements, was met. Much was accomplished, [improving] everyone’s understanding.”

HCJB Global’s Curt Cole described the mission’s partners as being of the “highest caliber, committed to reach their communities through excellent media. I know we can continue to play a role in the future with this type of training.”

List of issues affecting communities. Participants then wrote one-minute to: present problem, solution, biblical truth.


  1. […] worldwide. In April 2010 Graham was invited by the mission’s Sub-Saharan Africa Region to train broadcasters in Ghana. He returned to the region in June 2011, this time to teach in Yekepa, Liberia at the African Bible […]

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