Posted by: calloftheandes | April 8, 2010

Landslides Removed on the Baños-Puyo Road

Photos: Steve & Diane Wilson

They survived the Shell road . . . and shot photos to boot!

A trendy tourism item for years at HCJB Global was the tee-shirt advertising “I Survived The Shell Road.” Several years back, many of the hairpin curves and certain-death drop-offs were removed. Much –but certainly not all — of the treacherous travel was removed by road reconstruction.

Landslides poured tons of earth on the road recently, but Shell travellers made it back home from Quito.

Admire the waterfall AFTERWARDS!

Hug the Hillside! Hate to Hit a . . . Hole.

Watch for Falling . . . Rock.

There's Road Under Them There Hills!


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