Posted by: calloftheandes | March 31, 2010

Accurate, Contemporary Quichua New Testament Dedicated in Ecuador

Story by Kay Burgi and Ralph Kurtenbach
Photos by: Kay Burgi

Representing the next generation of Quichua Indians, four children joined civil leaders, professionals and pastors in receiving copies of the newly revised Quichua New Testament in Ecuador’s Chimborazo province on Sunday, Feb. 28.

A few hundred people attended a ceremony at an evangelical church on the shores of Lake Colta. Nearby Mount Chimborazo may remind some Ecuadorian believers and missionaries that God’s Word came to Ecuador in the late 19th century against the wishes of a customs agent whose pledge was that as long as this mountain stands, shipments of Bibles would not enter the port city of Guayaquil.

A century later, translators Daniel Sigla—a major contributor to the translation work—along with Pablo Saenz, Gunther Schultz, David Strumbeck and Richard Aschmann, produced a revised translation in accurate, clear, contemporary Quichua. The team was assisted by various language technicians, Quichua leaders and pastors.

The New Testament was published by Biblica (formerly the International Bible Society-Send the Light) which is also making audio CDs of the text available for ease of use. Luciano Jaramillo, who directs Biblica’s Latin America and U.S. Hispanic ministries, gave an inspiring message illustrating how on the road to Emmaus, Jesus used Scripture to illustrate the path to the revelation of God.

Special guests were Scott Bolinder, Biblica’s president of global publications, and Steven Fernández , who works with Biblica in Argentina. Also present was a local dignitary who thanked Biblica for making this new edition available to the Quichua community.

Three women’s choirs and a traditional brass band presented special music at the dedication ceremony. Roberto Guapi and Francia Pucuna, both of HCJB Global Hands and hailing from Ecuador’s central highlands, moderated the dedication ceremony. Radio Station HCJB in Quito continues airing Quichua broadcasts as it has done since 1941.


  1. Colta. The name conjures up wonderful memories of three days spent with Henry and Pat Klassen back in 1979. Pat and I cut up rhubarb for two days and made jam. Then I rode on top of the train from Colta to Huigra–and back–with Beth (Youderian) and her husband Dan Katchikis (sp?). From there I was off to Macuma to work with Frank and Marie Drown for the duration of the summer. I lived with Nettie Buhler. In 1983 I joined HCJB and worked in the English Language service. I indended to be a career missionary but God had other plans…

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