Posted by: calloftheandes | March 18, 2010

Former HCJB Global President Ron Cline Honored During NRB Convention

by John Adams

He’s known for the resonance of his voice and his visionary leadership. But he’s also known for his humble spirit and servant leadership. So it came as no surprise to those who know him when a special recognition came his way in early March.

Ron Cline, former president of HCJB Global, was presented with the Bob Neff Award for “distinguished spiritual excellence in religious broadcasting.” Cline, also former chairman of the mission’s board of trustees, received the award at a reception sponsored by Moody Broadcasting at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Nashville, Tenn.

The award, initiated by the David Gibbs family in cooperation with the Florida-based Christian Law Association, is given yearly in memory of Neff, Moody’s former vice president of broadcasting. Gibbs, an attorney, is the radio voice of the Christian Law Association.

Moody Bible Institute President Paul Nyquist and Miriam Neff, Bob’s widow, presented the award. She described Cline as a “worthy servant-hearted leader.”

In an interview, Cline called this a great honor for at least two reasons. First, he and Bob developed their friendship during several years, serving on two boards together (NRB and HCJB Global). Secondly, while Bob’s physical strength and ability deteriorated during the last two years of his illness, he never changed as a person. That inner man who enthusiastically served Christ and believed in the cause—broadcasting the good news of the gospel—remained constant and true.

HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson added that the award “personifies the mission’s long, strategic relationship” with Moody Radio. “Bob Neff shared Ron Cline’s passion for using global media to share the good news of Jesus to people far from God. He and Ron traveled together to some of those places to see God’s work firsthand. It’s a beautiful example of how two first-class ministries can work in collaboration to spread the gospel.”

Others who have received this recognition during the award’s five-year existence include Bruce Munsterman (KHCB in Texas), Miriam Neff (Widow Connection), Don Cole (Moody Radio) and Krzysztof Budzisz (broadcaster with HCJB Global’s Polish partner, CCM Radio).



  1. […] was an amazing missionary,” added Ron Cline, a former Reach Beyond president now serving as an ambassador for the mission with his wife, Barb. […]

  2. Ron Cline, whom I met almost 40 years ago was a young man that I knew would do great “stuff” for God, he made a mark on me for life and I know he has impacted thousands for the Lord. He and I knew Dr. Haggard of Azusa Pacific University and I know he (Dr. Haggard) would want us to pay it forward. Praise the Lord for Ron’s dedication.

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