Posted by: calloftheandes | March 12, 2010

150 Pastors Attend Conference in Quito, Renew Commitment to God’s Word

With ample references to the Word of God, Luciano Jaramillio declared the unique qualities, power and personality of the Bible as 150 pastors listened intently during a recent conference at HCJB Global in Quito, Ecuador.

Dr. Luciano Jaramillo

Dr. Jaramillo, the Latin America vice president for Biblica (formerly known as International Bible Society-Send the Light), had already held the crowd’s attention for more then a half hour before moving into his challenge to “live the Word.”

This was no short summary tacked on as a conclusion to his exhortation on Friday, Feb. 26. He launched into further illustrations of God inspiring Moses with a personal appearance in a burning bush, and then using the man Moses to bring about God’s divine will.

In a message that evidenced Jaramillo’s four decades of ministry, he showcased the Bible. He spoke of it as eternal yet always current, permanent yet relevant today, unchanging—confirmed by God, revealing Jesus Christ both in His humanity and His divinity.

“The Word of God is powerful, it is effective, it is current,” the Florida minister emphasized. “Morning, afternoon and evening.” But referencing the gospel of John, he said the Bible doesn´t only communicate something but communicates a message to someone. He deemed St. John’s gospel “the Gospel of I” in an apparent reference to Jesus’ many references to Himself.

With a quick humorous reference to preaching by the calendar, Jaramillo moved into the description of Moses, then told of his own calling at a young age to study and proclaim the message of the Bible.

“From the time I was a child, I haven’t lost my vocation,” he said. Some 20 minutes later he’d concluded the personal application segment and called upon his listeners to dedicate themselves anew to the study of God’s Word.

At Radio Station HCJB’s Larson Center in Quito, Ecuadorian pastors quietly moved to the front, knelt and prayed, dedicating themselves again to the study and exposition of the Bible in their churches.


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