Posted by: calloftheandes | March 9, 2010

Fare or Fowl? Vibrant Faith Reaches Out and Receives Both in Ecuador

Angel Tapia tells of seeing God work in big ways and small since he decided to follow Christ while a patient at Hospital Vozandes-Quito.

There was the day he needed bus fare for the trip into Quito for a checkup. But Angel’s wife, Patricia, wanted to buy a chicken for lunch. Seemingly a small matter … and even smaller when you consider that Angel was near death when he came under the care of missionaries Dr. Dick Douce and nurse Rita Whaley.

“They treated me like I was the president’s son,” Angel said. “They received me with open arms.” Struck by this warmth and compassion, he received Christ as Savior during his treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis about five years ago.

With his medications corrected (after years of trying elsewhere) and a personal relationship with Jesus, the life of Angel has been transformed. Physically improved, he has also become a much more responsible husband and father.

“I can’t be the way I was before, but God has given me this opportunity,” he said. “Before, my mind was small and self-centered. Now it’s large and full of happiness.”

A small bit of that happiness came when the Tapias couldn’t pay for both the fare and the chicken. Resigned to yet another meatless dinner, Patricia began walking to the store. On the way, a chicken ran into the road and was hit by a car. When the chicken’s owner came out, she said she didn’t want a chicken hit by a car, and offered it to her.

Patricia was thrilled! She had a chicken for lunch which cost nothing, and her husband still had the bus fare to Quito! Angel had begun taking his children to church, and now his wife is joining them as well.



  1. What an amazing story, we need to hear more of these, please keep themcoming.

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