Posted by: calloftheandes | December 18, 2009

Concerts in Quito Honor Late HCJB Global Missionaries

by Ralph Kurtenbach

Centered around salvation through Jesus, the Quito Day concerts by Radio Station HCJB’s Vozandes Choir in Ecuador continue exploring new artistic horizons.

The celebrated ballet troupe, Ballet Jacchigua, interpreted in dance three songs. The folkloric dance group, called First Live Cultural Heritage by the United Nations, planned and performed specially conceived steps to “Gloria a Dios” (Glory to God), “Recorriendo Nuestro Ecuador “ (Traveling Ecuador) and “Chulla Quiteño” (Quito’s High-Class Bum). The latter is an all-time favorite for residents of Ecuador’s capital city.

The Quito Day concerts have been for decades a mainstay in the anniversary celebration of Quito, founded in 1534. This year’s concerts blended contemporary with homage to longtime HCJB Global missionaries Lois Hatt de Vásconez and Jorge Zambrano. Their valuable contributions to the annual concerts were noted. Both Vásconez and Zambrano died in July.

In addition, Radio Station HCJB had earlier welcomed people’s musical compositions as contest entries. The winner, Virna Santana Martínez, was recognized as she received the Lois Hatt de Vásconez prize of $500. Her song was performed by the choir. Santana is originally from Havana, Cuba.

At each of six concerts, held Nov. 28-29, Choir Director Roberto Rojas spoke of finding personal faith in Christ, which then made sense of his artistic abilities. Rojas, a Peruvian whose abilities span various musical instruments, spoke of “giving the glory to the one who gave the talent.” He directed 76 singers, many of them young people, according to HCJB Global’s Kathy Jo Estes, a first-time coordinator of the event.

“My favorite recollection was just before the curtain rose,” said Estes, “and seeing them in groups, arms around each other, praying for the Lord’s Spirit to move in people’s hearts, praying for salvation.”

Some 4,200 people attended the concerts, according to Tatiana de la Torre, who directs local radio at Radio Station HCJB.

The Vozandes Choir sang on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at the presidential palace in Quito.

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