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Corrientes Missionary Mobilization Initiative Launches in Quito

Source: HCJB Global
Missions topics ran the gamut during workshops offered in Quito, Ecuador, as part of HCJB Global’s launch of the missionary mobilization initiative called Corrientes.
Altogether, the seminars drew 150 people—ranging in age from the 20s to the 80s—from Quito-area churches. The workshops took place late last week amid missionwide and citywide launches of Corrientes that aims to help prepare Latin American bi-vocational missionaries to serve in other parts of the world.corrWaynemap
Cutting-edge digital media and use of social networking was highlighted by HCJB Global President Wayne Pederson who spoke on the topic, “Evangelism Through Digital Media.”

Of the 40 attendees at Pederson’s talk, one was Young Min Lee who later offered a workshop on a method Christians have used for centuries to share the gospel: Bible translation. He serves as coordinator of the Asian diaspora with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Americas area.

In another workshop the question was asked, “What is preparation of a cross-cultural missionary?” with Jessie Ritchie of Christian & Missionary Alliance providing her insights.

At one of three formal launch events, coordinator Les Hirst said that though HCJB Global is setting Corrientes in motion, partnership is a key component. He and his wife, Priscilla, worked to form alliances with several mission agencies. Pastors and church members were invited to attend two days of workshops that Hirst and his team had billed, “Global Mission and the Local Church.”
Pederson credited his predecessor, former HCJB Global President David Johnson, with the concept of mobilizing Latin Americans to foreign mission fields. However, Johnson in turn replied from the podium, “It isn’t me. This has been a vision of the Latin American church for many years.”

Argentine pastor Carlos Scott, president of COMIBAM, an organization that supports mission agencies in Latin America and Spain, illustrated a daunting task, referring to a current “crisis in Latin America” and a time of trial for the region’s church. Drawing on the oft-told biblical account of young David’s triumph over the giant, Goliath, Scott pointed out David’s availability, passion and humility.
“I believe Corrientes will fill a need in Latin America,” Scott said, “above all with those who hope to use healthcare, media and community development. And also, the personal mentoring that is so necessary.”

Cristian and Isabella Ferreira found a discussion of microenterprise especially appealing. Serving in Quito, these 20-something Brazilians minister to youth who run with “urban tribes”—some living in the streets. They offer the kids alternative church at “The Catacombs” and promote training of church leaders for a new generation.

Retired HCJB Global physician Wally Swanson attended as many workshops as possible. “I’ve come to understand a whole lot better where the cutting edge of missions is right now,” he said afterwards. “And I’m trying to imagine where our hospital and medical work can best be a part of that. It’s really exciting to think about these things and we’ve still got a big part to play. That’s exciting!”


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