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Past HCJB Global Ministries Spawn Outreach to Families in Peru

Source: HCJB Global
If you want to know how well a radio station is communicating its message, ask a taxi driver.

Recently in Huancayo, Peru, HCJB Global missionary Carlos Pinto hopped into a cab to visit the Tambo neighborhood. When the driver learned that Pinto was heading to Radio Armonía (Radio Harmony), he immediately called on his dispatch radio to ask for the address.

“Three fellow taxi drivers gave the exact address and said it was a Christian station,” Pinto said.

Welcoming him to the station, Pastor Antenor Rojas explained how the legacy of HCJB Global has played a key role in the present-day outreach of Radio Armonía. Eleven years ago the mission helped Rojas establish the Huancayo station.

Prior to that, Rojas credits much of his own spiritual training to the Academia Cristiana del Aire (Christian Academy of the Air), heard via shortwave radio on Radio Station HCJB from Quito. This is a discipleship correspondence program that uses on-air teaching. Begun decades ago as the Bible Institute of the Air, it’s now administered by the Texas-based World Radio Network, a cooperating ministry of HCJB Global.

Once in Radio Armonía’s studio, Pinto participated with the Ecuador-based ALAS-HCJB radio team in the live program, Hola Familia (Hello Family). The program helps Latin American families face typical issues, incorporating the advice of various experts.

Rojas said having Pinto in person was a “special treat,” especially since the program is so popular in Peru. Afterwards, various people called to thank both Radio Armonía and ALAS-HCJB, the mission’s Spanish satellite radio network, for presenting such important themes about the family.huancayo2

A young lady named Roxana also visited Radio Armonía’s studios. “I have problems in my marriage,” she shared. “But the truth is, I’m so excited to speak with someone from [Radio Station] HCJB that I just want to say it was through listening to your station that I came to know the Lord. Since then all of my problems seem small in comparison to the greatness of knowing God.”

“Seeing her face express a mixture of tears and smiles was the best payment God could have given those of us who labor at the radio station,” Pinto said. “Seeing transformed lives and people’s thankfulness to God for the broadcasts are unequaled experiences.”

His visit to Huancayo, an Andean city of 350,000, was a side venture to his trip to Peru. Pinto serves in HCJB Global’s new endeavor called Corrientes (currents), a ministry to mobilize Latin American missionaries. He was in Lima to meet with a group that facilitates strategic alliances among mission agencies and local churches.


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