Posted by: calloftheandes | October 14, 2008

Technology Center: developing future technologies in broadcasting

Note: The HCJB Global Technology Center in Indiana, USA was featured in Radio World Online recently. I include a portion, published on this blog with permission by RW Online. A number of staff members at the Technology Center have worked in the Latin America Region of HCJB Global, including the Jacobsons (see below), the center´s director, David Russell, and others. Read about ways that our co-workers use technology for God’s glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom. -Ralph

HCJB Global considers itself a pioneer in its work on Digital Radio Mondiale, the digital broadcasting system for broadcasting bands below 30 MHz, which includes international AM broadcast and shortwave bands.

Herb Jacobson, HCJB senior design engineer and father of Charlie Jacobson, served on the Channel Coding & Modulation Technical Subcommittee of the DRM consortium and wrote the first white paper detailing transmitter design changes required for compliant DRM transmission, Charlie said.

“We have been very committed to digital broadcast technology and committed to DRM since 2000. We have a DRM product that is both a content server and AM modulator and we are extending that to our shortwave transmitters. We see DRM as a means to open up the market for shortwave across the world. However, a lot of it is ‘wait and see,’ mainly from the receiver development end.

“We want to be very active at developing future technologies in broadcasting.”

The complete RW Online feature is available here

Andy Giefer describes to Curt the basics of DRM as tests are conducted at Pifo, Ecuador in December 2000. The audio can be heard here . By clicking the link, you will be directed away from calloftheandes to audio archive. Please return to calloftheandes.


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