Posted by: calloftheandes | October 3, 2008

Christian radio fosters unity on eve of Ecuador’s constitution vote

Source: Mission Network News

While Ecuador now has its 20th constitution in the nation’s history, HCJB Global Voice emphasized the need to seek God´s will in matters of governance. Doug Weber of Radio Station HCJB said instead taking a side, his staff provided air time to pastors to pray for the referendum that determined whether or not Ecuador would adopt the charter. Weber believes the HCJB programming built church unity. He says the station´s apolitical approach to the election spoke volumes to the government.

“There was a lot of media  in the country that was taking a very distinct position one way or another, and we have always tried to maintain a neutral position, even in our news broadcasts and our daily programming.” He believes this puts HCJB Global on a more solid footing for ministry in the future. Weber is hoping this will allow HCJB Global to accomplish their future goals.

“One of the big things we want to begin doing is mobilizing and helping mobilize Latin Americans to move into missions in other parts of the world. We’re trying to figure out our strategy. We don’t want to duplicate what other people are doing, but we want to complement what other mission and church groups are doing.”

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