Posted by: calloftheandes | September 27, 2008

Churches Seek God’s Will in Run-Up to Constitutional Vote

Sources: HCJB Global, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor

As the “sí” and “no” factions in Ecuador wrap up campaigns aimed to convince voters of either the benefits or drawbacks of a proposed new constitution, Radio Station HCJB in Quito stands on ground it has occupied for decades—praying for God’s will.

“We have called it 40 Days of Crying Out to God for Ecuador,” said Tatiana De la Torre, director of local radio at the station, who coordinated the station’s on-air involvement while local pastors in Quito and throughout Ecuador promoted it within the churches.

Initiated in mid-August, the prayer effort concludes on Sunday, Sept. 28, the day Ecuadorians will vote in a national referendum to either approve or disapprove the 444 articles drawn up by a Constitutional Assembly.

Since becoming an independent nation in 1830, Ecuador has enacted 19 constitutions, the most recent 10 years ago. The proposed constitution represents months of work by Ecuador’s National Assembly that met in specially constructed facilities at Ciudad Alfaro in the coastal Manabí province.

This summer the assembly approved the 444 articles of the proposed constitution, addressing such matters as economic organization, natural resources, the courts, the military and other institutions of the state, universal healthcare, wage increases, various collective and human rights, and interestingly, the granting of rights to the environment.

De la Torre is asking believers to pray that God would bring national repentance to the Ecuadorian church, peace in society, unity among God’s people, a passion for His Word, revival in the church, and wisdom for government leaders, church leaders and all citizens in this time of transition, and God’s blessing on Ecuador’s destiny.

“We invite everyone to join with us in this purpose, both individually and collectively, and in their workplaces and churches,” she said. “We desire to obey God’s command to pray and to intercede before Him.”

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