Posted by: calloftheandes | September 11, 2008

Hospital Vozandes del Oriente to Celebrate 50 Years of Service

Hospital Vozandes del Oriente, HCJB Global’s mission hospital in Shell, Ecuador will celebrate its 50th anniversary September 12-14.

Activities will include: an open house, a program featuring testimonies by missionaries, hospital employees, and special guests, and a program by the hospital worker’s association.

The festivities will culminate with a special worship service at the hospital and a presentation by Dr. Wally Swanson, former HCJB Global Hands missionary, about HVO’s response to a polio epidemic among the Waorani in 1969. We praise God for His faithfulness in using the hospital to bring physical and spiritual healing to many here on the edge of the Amazon rain forest.

To Him be the glory!


Additional note: You may also like to click here for a short text Thoughts from a Demolition Site Near the Rain Forest as well as an interview with Chuck and Art.



  1. Can’t wait for photos!

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