Posted by: calloftheandes | September 10, 2008

It is called “Call of the Andes”

Click here for opening segment of Call of the Andes from 1981

A number of people who formerly served with HCJB in Ecuador were surveyed to determine a adequate name for this new communications tool. Although it was close to call between “Call of the Andes” and “Saludos Amigos”,

the favorite was “Call of the Andes.” Both of these were once English-language programs on HCJB, so congrats to Ken for choosing a catchy title “Saludos Amigos.” It was Nate who pointed out,

“Saludos Amigos is too close to the Amigos publication from Healthcare and Community Development,” which I deemed an excellent observation. “Call of the Andes” was also a radio program and maybe one of you can tell the history of the name. Thanks to all of you who replied promptly.

It is intended as a community page, with several of you helping me to review material before it is posted and all of you to contribute with stories, anecdotes, clarifications and comments. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. As they say in Ecuador . . .



Communications Coordinator

Latin America Region, HCJB Global



  1. Great work Ralph

  2. chévere!! adelante, pues!

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